PEGASIS is made up of a vocal trio of sisters from the Dominican Republic (Marvelis, Rissel, and Yaina Peguero Almonte) and jazz guitarist Matt Hillman. Currently based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, the four members write, produce, and perform their original music. Their lyrics speak of the struggles and triumphs of everyday life, on being kind to our minds and bodies, on finding love and happiness, first and foremost, within ourselves, and accepting each other as part of the global collective we call humanity. 

PEGASIS fans have described PEGASIS as "full of heart", "uplifting but down to earth at the same time", and "breathtaking!" Truly something different, PEGASIS will bring you to a different musical atmosphere at every one of their performances. 

PEGASIS has released three EP’s of all original music, titled “ONE”, “TWO”, and most recently “Tres”. Each project features beautiful harmonies, catchy hooks, and most importantly, relatable lyrics. The third project “Tres” showcases their father, Roberto Peguero, and his songwriting with two all original Spanish songs. 

PEGASIS loves everything they have already accomplished, and are excited to keep going on this journey of love, light, and good music.